Types of Sunglasses – How to choose them?

How to choose sunglasses properly can be difficult sometimes. You may have even wondered how to choose them among so many styles and types. In Mr Sunglass we will try to help you out. Actually, here we are going to talk a lot about sunglasses, since they are our passion and we would love to share it with you. How to choose sunglasses will never be a problem again!

Accepting that not always easy to make the right choice of a new pair of sunglasses is the first step.  There are hundreds of types of sunglasses, brands, models and colours. We want to give you a scoop on all the novelties that are going to come up in the different fairs of the optical sector and to be the first to get to know the key elements of what is going to be trendy, to be able to help you in the selection of the appropriate sunglasses for your style.

Like every year, fashion surprises us with variants that gain importance in every season. Today and in the following entries, we are going to tell you what is coming up for the next spring-summer sunglasses season, so you can decide if you want to follow the current trends or innovate in the search for your own look.

Years ago, sunglasses were not given much importance when talking about fashion or new trends. In fact, on many occasions, it was very difficult to distinguish if a model was oriented for a male or a female audience. What we do know now, is that the main idea that we have been seeing in recent times through the different fairs is the reaffirmation of the female condition through sunglasses, is a current that is gaining importance year after year and that each time it will gain more strength.

From functionality to style – How to choose Sunglasses?

Whether on the beach, in the city or in the countryside, wherever and whenever, sunglasses not only serve to protect your eyes from UV radiation, but they have also become a very important part of fashion. They give a special touch to every outfit and over the years, they have become increasingly important and more and more people wants to be fashionable and wear the latest trends in sunglasses every season. The big brands choose a combination of different materials and colours, to differentiate themselves from the rest and to offer original products. We will see sunglasses with decorations, sharp geometry, angles and forms that are increasingly original and risky. As you can see, there are many types of sunglasses, but do not worry, we will help you to find yours!

News for the Next Spring-Summer season – Types of Sunglasses

One of the highlights for this spring-summer season in types of sunglasses are the bridges. They come in all kinds and for all tastes, whether double, broad, thin and some that are almost non-existent. Some brands have even decided to simulate clip-on mounts!

Some time ago, the mirrored glasses marked a great trend. They won many fans which were dragged by sports brands and little new brands that were aimed at young audiences. Nowadays, this idea has evolved towards proposals that try to grant a little more elegance to sunglasses. This evolution considers degraded sunglasses and mirror sunglasses that contribute to the characteristic of opacity.

The new fashion of the Flat Sunglasses

A strong trend for this season that you cannot miss are the flat sunglasses, which present very modern and aesthetically urban style of sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses usually has an anti-reflective treatment to avoid discomfort while wearing them. As for the aesthetics, they are incredible, especially if they are combined with degraded colours or with opacity as we have said before. Discover how these two tendencies together make a difference!

The daring Colourful Sunglasses

Fashion in sunglasses does not end here: there are some other aspects that you cannot miss!  Colourful sunglasses are going to be a must during this season! These are mineral or organic sunglasses in different colours, which combined with the metal of the frames or with the fine materials used in their construction, offer very eye-catchy sunglasses to combine. Those are a little bit more daring than what we were used to see, but little by little, more and more people are encouraged to use them.

Sunglasses that use different materials

Recently, we were surprised by the sunglasses made of wood and other materials that refreshed the atmosphere of fashion. In the world of wooden sunglasses, we have seen a strengthening of the brands and much progress has been made, achieving nowadays much more resistant and much more comfortable products than those we saw at the beginning. Along with this, little by little, the sunglasses with metal frames are regaining their fame, replacing the acetate ones that started to be used a lot too. In addition to these trends, there are new proposals in aluminium, titanium and steel, which are bursting with great force and which you can also find combined with electric colours, offering very urban and technological sunglasses.

The combination of materials that we have seen in the world of fashion and accessories, wasn’t going to leave sunglasses out. Clearly this has also become a trend and we can find sunglasses with combinations of acetate, wood and metal among their materials. As always, the objective of all this is to offer new proposals and differentiate themselves since this is a subject that, in recent years, has become very competitive due to the demand of the public.

Cat Eye Sunglasses – more than femininity

Those which certainly you cannot miss are the cat eye sunglasses, an extremely feminine and flattering style, derived from the fashion of the fifties, with a more modern and ornamental touch. You will find models of this style with ornaments, stones, colours and crystals of all kinds. It is a form that suits all types of faces.

Round Vintage Sunglasses

Round sunglasses remind us of the times of free love, the Beatles, bell-bottoms and everything related to the hippie style. They have been marking a trend for a long time, but this spring-summer season we are going to see them a little more and with coloured and polarized crystals. You cannot miss trying them. Go ahead and see how they fit you!

Oversized Sunglasses and Aviator Style

The oversize comes in everything this season, whether in clothing or, in this case, sunglasses. The bigger the better. In all shapes from round, butterfly, square to all those that you can imagine and in many shades.  Brightness will be another must of this summer!

The aviator style is a classic that came out in the eighties and was decided to stay. This year we will see it renewed again and in many different colours. Classic tonalities will continue to be used, but this year the new colours will also shine. It is a style that also favours any type of faces.

Futuristic Sunglasses

We have been seeing architectural or futuristic forms for some time now in the great icons of fashion. They are characterized by non-traditional forms, which can even remind us of pieces of modern buildings and with certain futuristic touches. It is an ideal style for the most fashionable, risky and daring

Types of Sunglasses that came to stay

Without losing sight of the purpose of protection, of which we will speak many times in future entries, today we must rejoice at the ease with which we can give a special touch to our outfits thanks to the many committed brands, to the differentiation of forms and colours of frames, following inspirations equivalent to those of any other fashion accessories such as handbags and shoes, among many others.

Fashion trends in sunglasses have a rather slow behaviour, but many are here to stay. After years where the mirrored sunglasses of unimaginable colours set trends, sunglasses fashion has evolved more, if possible, to more daring designs and even more risky proposals (which is why the large sunglasses have returned, for example), without limitations in terms of creativity and with quite innovative colours. In the following posts we will deal in depth about the evolution of mirrored glasses towards gradients, over large sunglasses and those with a rounded shape, about sunglasses with sharp angles and futuristic shapes, etc … A whole range of options that will set trends and will be reality in our streets during the next months to try to help you answer the question that has started this first post:  how to choose sunglasses? Now that you know everything that’s coming up, do not hesitate to leave us your comments and thoughts!

By the way … What types of sunglasses are you going to choose?

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